Rakuten (formerly Buy.com)

Teapplix can use FTP access to download your Rakuten/Buy.com orders automatically and confirm orders as shipped with tracking numbers. This will be done hourly once setup:

1) Obtain FTP access to your Rakuten/Buy.com account (ask Rakuten.com)

2) Enter FTP login + password into Teapplix:
Go to "Setup" => "Other" => Shopping Carts page, select Buy.com as cart type, put in FTP login/password*, save.
* It is important you enter the FTP login credentials and not your Buy.com web login / password.

3) We use the order report on the FTP server to download Rakuten orders.  Please make sure to configure your Rakuten server to publish order reports onto FTP server.

Cancelled Orders

If you cancel an order on Buy.com, you need to cancel it again in Teapplix.

ReferenceID vs Item Title

Your orders will import SKU as item name, and the Buy.com item name will be in the description field.

Import Problems

Your Buy.com FTP username and password must be maintained in Teapplix.