Amazon Integration

Amazon Integration
Teapplix ActionShip automatically downloads order from Amazon and if shipped in ActionShip confirms them as shipped. We support Amazon US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, UK and other European countries.

Merchant fulfilled orders can be downloaded every hour, 30 minutes or 15 minutes. ActionShip uses Amazon MWS API to download orders. Although we schedule the report with Amazon at specific intervals, we don't guarantee the exact timing since Amazon and ActionShip could have delays. If you want ActionShip to sync with Amazon right now, click the "Sync Orders" button and wait till it finishes.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Orders
ActionShip can also import FBA orders. You have to ask your Amazon support to turn on "XML Settlement Reports". With this turned on, every settlement period (typically every week or 2 weeks), ActionShip will import your FBA orders as shipped order. These orders can be exported to QuickBooks.

Information Captured by Amazon Integration
ActionShip captures customer information (except for FBA orders), items and sku, prices paid, shipping paid, fees, gift message and gift wrap options, etc.

Old Orders
ActionShip captures new orders from the time you turn on Amazon integration. No old orders are imported into ActionShip.

Shipped Orders
Shipped orders on Amazon will be imported and marked as shipped and will not show in open orders. However, there may be a delay as orders will initially import as open and then subsequently marked as shipped. It is best to ship all your orders from ActionShip to avoid such confusion.

Cancelled Orders
If you cancel an order on Amazon, ActionShip will mark the corresponding orders cancelled the next time it syncs with Amazon. Note that this is not instant, so it is best to double check in ActionShip. If the order is in ActionShip but not cancelled, you should press "Sync Orders" to sync the status with Amazon.

Confirming Orders as Shipped
After you ship orders in ActionShip, orders will be marked as shipped and the tracking numbers will be upload back on to Amazon. This will happen within the next 15 minutes or when you press the Sync Orders button. Note, you should avoid updating Amazon order items, like changing item number, quantity, adding or removing line items. Doing so will cause confirming back to Amazon to fail.

No Ship Notification Email to Amazon Customers
To conform to Amazon policy, ActionShip software does not send any ship notification emails to Amazon customers. If you receive a RMA (replacement) request, please update the RMA order email address with customer's real email address. We do send emails for RMA orders.

Gifts and gift messages
ActionShip recognizes Amazon gift orders and gift messages. If you configure ActionShip to do so, gift will show "Gift from: " on the packing list and print the gift message. Gift wrap selection will be displayed in the "notes" column.

Other Software with Amazon MWS Integration
If you have other software integrated to your Amazon account using MWS, normally this will not cause a conflict with ActionShip. Downloading orders in ActionShip will not affect other software from functioning.

Problems with Confirming Orders Shipped On Amazon
Sometimes Amazon may reject an attempt to confirm certain orders as shipped. It is recommended that you periodically check your Amazon Seller Central to make sure that all your shipped orders are confirmed. If some are left open, please check your "upload history" (goto Orders => Upload Order Related Files) and obtain any error reports.  Once you obtained this report,  you can contact Teapplix support to help you understand what is contained in the error report.

Turning Off Automated Email on Report Generation:
To disable "Open Listings Report" notification on Amazon Seller Central,
click on:
Settings => Notification preferences => 'Edit' tab in the section for 'Report Notifications' => make the necessary changes to the e-mail or remove the check mark from the box for 'Enabled' against the Open Listings Report => Click 'Update'.
This will disable these notifications.