Declared Value vs Insured Value

If you use Teapplix's ActionShip PDF based label method, you have the choice of putting "Declared Value" vs "Insured Value"

Insured Value
Insured Value is Teapplix discount insurance managed by ShipSurance. You save almost 90% over carrier based insurance. You set this by clicking on the "insurance" link, or on ActionShip extra packages link.

Declared Value
Declared Value, when set, it is the carrier native insurance provided by USPS, FedEx or UPS. You set this by clicking on the "Edit Pencil" on the right on an order where the shipping method is already selected.

In ActionShip, you have the flexibility to get either, or both, insurances. They are independent of each other.

Extra Packages
You can split your mailing for several packages. This helps you to operate with huge shipments and save you money.
There is some rules for providers:


  • If selected extra's shipment method is not supported by current provider - "main package" method will be applied
  • If you've enabled Express1 discount method, and want to print First-Class labels in extra packages batch, you need to select "First-Class" for main package. This is only way to route this for or Endicia
  • Rate list will be calculated for selected batch, and you'll get alternatives for all shipments will be sent by this method


  • If you cancel the "main" label. All linked labels will be voided too.


  • All extra shipment will use the same method as "main" was selected.