Browser PDF Quality

Most of Teapplix ActionShip generated labels are in PDF format, you can have the labels printed in the following ways:

  • Print from the browser PDF viewer
  • Use PrintNode Cloud Print
  • Use Google Cloud Print
  • Save PDF to file; open using Adobe Acrobat Reader and print

The above choices all work and result in high quality label for laser printer (8x11) or 300 dpi or above thermal printer. However, for certain 203 dpi thermal printer, only certain methods give the best quality labels.

203 dpi Thermal Printers (Zebra 2844, ZP450 etc)

For 203 dpi Thermal Printers, you are recommended to use the following for best results:

  • PrintNode Cloud Print works with all browsers
  • IE --> IE uses Adobe plugin that prints fine
  • Firefox --> Configure Firefox to use native Adobe Acrobat to open PDF:
    • Open Tools => Options
    • Find "Applications" section, change Portable Document Format (PDF)
    • Change from "Preview in Firefox" to "Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC"
  • Chrome --> Configure Chrome to download PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader:
    • Settings => advanced
    • Find "Content" section
    • PDF and change options to download to disk
    • Under Chrome, unfortunately generated PDF labels will download to disk as a file. You have to open it in Acrobat to print
  • Safari on Mac --> Safari "Viewer" on Mac prints the PDF correctly. You must set the page size to 4x6 and scaling to 100%
    • You should install the Mac "CUPS" based printer driver; choose Zebra ZPL or Zebra ZPL2
    • Before you print from Adobe or Safari browser, you must select the proper page size (4x6) and select 100% scaling inside Adobe or Safari.
  • Google Cloud Print - we do not recommend using Google Cloud Print for 203DPI printers.