Tracking Numbers & Excel

Sometimes, you need to open Teapplix ActionShip generated Ship Confirmation File in Excel to further edit them, but Excel turns USPS tracking numbers into scientific format. To avoid that, please follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Save the generated CSV file. Do not open it directly with Excel
  2. Open Excel, go to File => New, create a new WorkBook
  3. Data => From Text, select the CSV File, this will open the Text Import Wizard
  4. Select "Delimited" and press "Next", on the next screen, check "Comma" as separator, and press "Next" again
  5. On the resulting screen, make sure you select the column where the tracking number is, and change the "Column data format" to "Text"
  6. Press "Finish" now and you will see that your tracking number is not changed to scientific format
  7. Note that you should save files processed this way as native Excel format, and only the last step save it as .csv to send to other programs or parties. If you only save such files to CSV, next time you open the file the Tracking Number column may turn into Scientific Format again