Pick & Packing List


Teapplix ActionShip provides a number of options to print a pick list, csv pick list, and packing list.

Pick List
Pick list is printed by selecting a list of orders in Open Orders, then clicking the "..." to the right of the Ship button. Then select Pick List.  The result is a table printed on paper, one line per SKU.

The Pick list is sorted by Location first, and then sorted by SKU for each location.

Alternatively, if you want the pick list in csv form, you can generate it by pressing the dropship button instead. You will get a CSV to download.

Packing List
Packing List is typically one page per order, given to the customer and at the same time also used to help your packing process.

ActionShip provides 2 ways to print Packing Lists. One method is if you use our PDF based shipping label printing process, you can select to turn on "Packing List after shipping label". The packing list will be printed after the shipping label on the same media as your shipping label.

You can also configure to print Packing Lists on a separate batch, by selecting the orders then clicking the "..." to the right of the ship button. Then select Packing List.


Teapplix可以打印拣货/采购单, 和收据单。