Teapplix supports order sync and listing sync with Etsy.  We can automatically download orders from Etsy, upload tracking no. And we can also download listings from Etsy and update the listing inventory quantity.

To integrate with your Etsy account:

  • Open in your Teapplix Account: Setup -> Other;
  • Select Etsy;
  • Press "Link Etsy Account";
  • After this Teapplix will redirect you to Etsy account and, it will ask you for permission, press "Allow Access";
    Etsy Shipping Tool - Picture 3
  • Next, you'll be redirected into your account If you've multiple accounts, you need to select which store should be linked.Etsy Shipping Tool - Picture 4


Important: It is very important to note that with Etsy, the items must be mapped in Teapplix because Etsy does not support SKUs.

Inventory Update

If you are listing item with variations,  in order for Teapplix to update the quantity on each variation item, you need to enable quantity control properties of your product variations. Otherwise,  Etsy would require all variations for the same listing to have the save quantity and cannot be updated individually.

On Etsy, after you specified the variation for an item, check the boxes that apply to that item attribute and select Update, then enter the varied options in the Price, Quantity or SKU fields.