Instructions to set up XCart.

Our XCart integration supports both order download, shipping status update, and inventory sync. We support product options (which will be assigned separate SKUs and treated as separate products). Currently XCart 4.x is supported. We are working on XCart 5 support before end of 2014.

Download shopping cart module from Teapplix - for Version 4.4 XCart Module and this one Version 4.6 XCart Module , install the module into your "admin" directory and change the name of the file to teapplix.php

After that you need to go to Setup => Shopping Carts, select the correct shopping cart type and enter:

1) admin url to this .php (Please be sure this URL does not include a "?" and that is it is fully accessible)

2) admin user name

3) admin password

4) start status code => one letter / number code for order status that Teapplix imports

5) end status code => one letter / number code for order status that Teapplix changes the order to after shipped.

You need to let us know once you do that so we can verify the server to server communication works. We also need to know your Teapplix Account Name.

Our server will call this module periodically to download orders in one status letter and move the order to the next status letter once shipped.

If you are not comfortable entering step 2 and step 3, you can modify the first function in the provided module which will validate a user name + password, and manually enter that username / password instead.

Disabling HTTP Auth
If your parent account has setup HTTP Auth for your admin folder, you will need to modify your .htaccess file to to not require HTTP Auth for the teapplix.php module.