Exporting and Re-Exporting Orders

To export orders from Teapplix to QuickBooks, start your WebConnector program. With your QuickBooks company file open, click on the "Update Selected" button on WebConnector to export 100 at a time until message is produced.


If you leave your QuickBooks company file open, and leave WebConnector running, WebConnector by default performs an "Update Selected" once every day. You can also change the interval by typing a different number into the WebConnector "Every_Min" field.

Re-Export Orders

If you need to re-export the order to your QuickBooks, you can login to Teapplix account, goto Order History and search for the order(s). On the search result page, for the order you need to re-export, click on the Re-Export link. It will put the order back to the Unexported Orders queue.