Multi-currency and Amazon Orders

Amazon international and multi-currency QuickBooks

We have released initial support for multi-currency QuickBooks.

When you link in Amazon international marketplaces, like Canada, UK, and EU accounts,

Teapplix will try to export orders from those marketplaces using customer and account records with the proper currency.

To support this, you must turn on multi-currency under QuickBooks edit -> preferences, and periodically update your exchange rate in QuickBooks.  And you must setup separate Accounts in your QuickBooks for each country and set up with the correct currency.

Note that due to QuickBooks issues, you may not be able to have more than 2 Amazon country feed into QuickBooks at the same time while still preserving local currency. Please contact Teapplix support if you run into this issue.

Please note:

Amazon now supports one integrated account (in US), but used to also sell to Canada.  So even though you only have one US Amazon account,  there will be orders with Canada currency.  Please make sure you turn on multi-currency in your QuickBooks and setup separate Account (with Canada currency) and Customer for Amazon Canada orders.  And on the Integration Setup page,  select the correcponding Accounts and Customers to ensure Canada orders being successfully exported.