Teapplix as Inventory Master

If you set Teapplix as inventory master, you will need to enter quantity into Teapplix using UI, import or API.

If you turned on multi-warehouse, and the warehouse is of the following type, then they will auto download quantity and not allow you to manually enter any quantity:

  • FBA warehouse -- quantities are downloaded from Amazon periodically
  • QB warehouse -- warehouse tied to QuickBooks or an inventory site in QuickBooks with advanced inventory
  • Teapplix dropship accounts -- if another Teapplix account (receiver account) allows you to submit dropship orders and allows inventory sync, this warehouse will download quantity from receiver account automatically.
  • warehouses tied to other systems that Teapplix has API relationship for, like Winit warehouse, Chukou1 warehouse, etc.

For all other type of warehouses, you will need to enter quantity into Teapplix using UI, import or API.

Workflow to enter quantity into Teapplix

  1. Enter correct quantities under Inventory => Enter Quantity (Note the 3 types of 'Quantity Post Type' explained in this section below)
  2. Once your orders are downloaded to Teapplix, your inventory quantity will be automatically deducted. And you can track the real time changes on Inventory => Current Quantity page.
  3. To update quantities back to marketplace. You can either do it manually using the "Sync quantities back to marketplace" button on the Inventory => Listings page or enable automatic 15 minutes sync for each marketplace on Inventory => Options.

First you must enter quantity information on Teapplix "Inventory => Enter Quantity" page, either in the form of a full count, or incremental purchase (credit) or deduction (debit). This page allows you to enter data to track bulk inventory movement in and out of your warehouse. This is used so that Teapplix can compute your quantity on hand as well as profit & loss.

Note that inventory used to fulfill your orders in Teapplix doesn't have to be entered. Teapplix already know about them and automatically adjust your inventory count based on those.

There are 3 types of "Quantity Post Type":

  1. "In-stock" => This is a count that you provide after end of the shipping date. For any product, an "in-stock" makes Teapplix ignore any quantity entries before this date, and start counting inventory from after this date onwards.
  2. "credit" => This corresponds to you purchasing and receiving additional quantities of certain inventory. Note that the subtotal field allows Teapplix to calculate the latest cost of your items and is used in the profit and loss calculations.
  3. "debit" => This is used to track loss / damage of inventory items, moving inventory out of the count that is not reflected by an "Order" that is in your Teapplix account.