Order Address Update

Address Correction API is a REST API that allows you to change the address of an Teaplix order based on order id.

API Endpoint
The API is provided at the following address:

https://app.teapplix.com/h/[your teapplix account name]/ea/api.php?User=xxxx&Passwd=xxxx&Action=address_correction&Subaction=update


The following variables can be sent via POST. Other than txn_id, other fields are optional. Fields not present will be ignored.

  • verify_address[txn_id] ==> order id in Teapplix to be updated
  • verify_address[address_street] ==> street address first line
  • verify_address[address_street2] ==> street address second line
  • verify_address[address_city] ==> city
  • verify_address[address_state] ==> state or province
  • verify_address[address_zip] ==> zipcode
  • verify_address[address_country_code] ==> 2 letter code of country
  • verify_address[contact_phone] ==> phone number
  • verify_address[payer_business_name] ==> company name
  • verify_address[address_name] ==> name of recipient


return is a 2 column csv with no header:

For success


For error