Item Mapping

If you have multiple listings of the same product, or you name products differently on external marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, you will need to perform "Item Mapping" to map different names to the same "Product" in Teapplix ActionShip. Once you do that, you only have to define Product properties and weight information once, and you can properly track inventory levels.

You can perform "Item Mapping" in the following places in ActionShip:

  • On the Open Orders page, click the "..." found on the right of an order. Select "Remember Weight" from the drop down menu, the "SKU" box will allow you to map the item to an existing product or create a new product
  • On "Inventory => Products" page, you can select some products and click the "Bulk Map" button to map to another product.
  • Go to Inventory, then Item Mapping, then go to Import/Export
    • Once you click Import/Export, you will see a window pop up; select Export, then click on Export to CSV which will download a mapping.csv file
    • Open this file in excel and you can add all the other Source Item Names and the SKUs that correspond to them in QuickBooks.  Then, save as csv file again.
    • Then import this using Import/Export again, but select 'Import', then click Import from CSV
    • Once imported, as your orders come in with those items, they will export to the SKU you mapped them to.  NOTE - this information will only export with orders, these items will NOT export to your QuickBooks unless they are coming into ActionShip as an order.
  • If you use QuickBooks integration, you can perform mapping from QuickBooks => Item Mapping page

Please Note:  If you want to map Source Item Name A to Teapplix SKU B,  please make sure the Source Item Name A does not exist in ActionShip Products page.  If you are integrated with QuickBooks, it cannot be an inventory item in QuickBooks.

If you want to delete the mapping, you can do this from:

  • Inventory => Item Mapping and select the checkbox beside each item mapping you want to delete, then Click on the drop down arrow beside Action on button and select "Bulk Delete"
  • QuickBooks, => Item Mapping and change the view to see all Mapped items, then select the mapping you want to delete, click on the drop down arrow for the QuickBooks Inventory name and select "Delete Match" which appears at top of the drop down list.