Rate Quotes & Address Validation

Once you select a shipping method and weight, Click the edit pencil found on the right of the order to view your quote. Note that you do not need to save the selected shipping method & weight to get rate quotes.

Teapplix ActionShip will display the rate for your selected ship method / weight combo, and display alternative shipping methods and their rates from the same carrier.

For USPS, if you selected a discount USPS provider, ActionShip will display rates from the discount program as well as normal Endicia / Stamps.com rates.

ActionShip should always display your "discounted negotiated rate" for UPS. If not, you should contact your UPS support to set your account to return "account rates".

For FedEx, you can setup in ActionShip whether you want to display negotiated rates or list rates. You can change this setting on "Integrations => Carriers, select FedEx.

There is no rate for DHL because DHL does not charge per package. It is charged by total weight each day, and bag fees etc.

Address Corrections
Some carriers perform address validation, including checking if the address is residential or business, when you perform a rate quote request. ActionShip will prompt you for corrections when the address / residential flag does not match what the carrier says. If you click "yes", the address  will be updated based on carrier suggestions.

Bulk "Address Validation"
ActionShip provides the ability to verify the addresses of multiple orders. To do this, select the orders you wish to verify the addresses on. Then click the "..." found to the right of the "Ship" button. Select "Verify Address" from the drop down option list.

When you  select "Verify Address", Teapplix provides a number of options on addresses with suggested revisions, including the "residential" vs "business" address type:

  • You can bulk accept all suggested changes
  • You can bulk reject all suggested changes
  • You can move all orders with suggested address issues to a separate queue for further processing
  • You can go back to open orders page and accept or reject each address change individually