Download Listings

Teapplix downloads listings from all the sources that Teapplix support inventory sync.

The interval of this download is every hour if you did not turn on automatic quantity sync, or every 15 minutes if you did.

Manual Download
If you can not wait for the regular download of listings, you can perform a manual download on the setup page for the channel. For example, on Setup => eBay, you can download listings by pushing the "Download Listings Now" button.

Mapping Products
Because of listing download with InventoryAdvisor turned on may automatically create products, you have a choice of adding Item Mapping to Teapplix before or after listing download:

  • Doing Item Mapping before listing download: no new products will be created in Teapplix. Listing download will add information into "mapped to" products in Teapplix.
  • Doing Item Mapping after listing download: part of the mapping process will delete products with incorrect name. Future listing download will update "mapped to" products in Teapplix.

Information from Listings to Products

  • Teapplix can obtain certain product details from some marketplaces.  From ebay we download product description and  image.  From Amazon we download product description, image,  ASIN and UPC.
  • Teaplix also obtains the product description from the following marketplaces / shopping carts:
    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify
    • Magento
  • All other marketplaces /shopping carts,  the product details are not included in the listing downloaded.  If needed, you can manually update the products downloaded on the Products page and add the description and image,  either edit one by one or bulk update using the File Import.

Once a product is downloaded to Teapplix,  we will not replace it everytime when you download listings.