Manage Products

The "Products" page under Inventory tab is where you manage your products. You can add, edit, delete, import or export and bulk update operations on products here.

How do products get created in ActionShip InventoryAdvisor?
In InventoryAdvisor, products are created in a number of ways:

  • "Add One" on the Inventory => Product page
  • “Import/Export” on the Inventory => Products page, to add the products in bulk. You need to do an Export first to get the file template. Then fill in the exported file with your product information and import it back on the same page.
  • "Remember Weight" on open orders will create a product automatically if its not present
  • QuickBooks integration will import all your inventory and assembly items as products
  • Listing download will create products automatically unless a matching one already exists

How to clean up product list
Sometimes you can accumulate products in InventoryAdvisor that are no longer needed. This could be due to a number of reasons:

  • Old products no longer sold
  • The same product named differently, presented in Inventory Advisor as separate products

To cleanup products no longer sold:

  1. On Inventory => Products page, click on "cleanup product list" link.
  2. Enter value for the last number of days the product is not active.
  3. Click on "cleanup product list" button.

ActionShip will move products not recently sold or listed on any active listings to "inactive list".

To cleanup duplicate product SKUs:
There are 2 methods:

Cleanup on the Products page

  1. On Products page, select multiple SKUs that are for the same product item.
  2. Click on the "Bulk Map Items" button.
  3. Choose which are the surviving product SKU.
  4. Click on Go button.

Bulk Import a Mapping File

  1. Build a CSV mapping file. The first column should be named "Source Item Name", and the values should be the item names/seller(listing) SKUs that are duplicates. The second column should be named "SKU", and are the (surviving) SKU to map to.
  2. Goto Inventory => Item Mapping page, click on Import/Export action link.
  3. On the Import popup, check the checkbox "Delete products that are mapped to others", select the mapping file you just built, and import the file.

Once the mapping is done, We will remove the non-surviving / duplicate SKUs and map them to the surviving product SKU. The corresponding listings / orders will be changed to use the surviving SKU.