Switching Company Files

To change your QuickBooks integration to link to another company file:  (this does not apply if you simply move the same company file to another location and continue to use it)

  1. First open the old company file in QB,  and open the WebConnector, press the "Remove" button to unlink your teapplix account to your old company file
  2. now open the new company file in QB
  3. re-download teapplix.qwc from your Integration Setup screen, "Add" it to WebConnector with new company file open
  4. in Teapplix integration setup, checkbox "re-download accounts and items".  (Optional)If you want to re-export all your orders, checkbox "clear export bit for all orders".   press "Update QuickBooks Setup" button to save
  5. run WebConnector update selected. re-review integration setup, run update selected again

What happens if I forgot to “Remove” and my old file is gone?

  1. You would still do the above steps on the new computer, however when you “Add” the teapplix.qwc, you may get an 1039 error.
  2. If that happens, go to your QuickBooks, under “Edit => Preferences”, find “Integrated Applications”, remove the “Teapplix Connector” application you find.
  3. Now try “Add” the newly teapplix.qwc to WebConnector
  4. If you get a 1059 error about fileID already connected, please open the "teapplix.qwc" file in notepad, edit the "FileID" filed and add "2" at the end.
  5. Now try “Add” the teapplix.qwc again to WebConnector
  6. If you get a 1039 error about duplicate OwnerID,  please open the “teapplix.qwc” file in notepad, edit the “OwnerID” field, change the last digit,  save
  7. “Add” the changed teapplix.qwc again to WebConnector, answer "Yes" if it ask you if you should replace existing applications.
  8. You can also try this procedure http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/SLN41675