Teapplix ActionShip supports UPS US and UPS Canada.

ActionShip can bulk print both domestic and international UPS shipping labels, with packing lists if needed. ActionShip can also generate commercial invoices for international shipments, in bulk, with pre-filled information.

ActionShip provides rate quotes and address corrections when you click on the "rate" link. To setup for that, click on "Integrations => Carriers => UPS".  The shipping labels and rate quotes are obtained from your own UPS account.

UPS Online API
This is the default and recommend method. You get online rate quotes, and the shipping labels come out of ActionShip in bulk as PDF. You can reprint, cancel directly in ActionShip. Online API supports 4x6 and 8x11 2 per page labels, and support all UPS shipping methods.

Note that, with UPS online API labels,  you won't need to generate end of day reports/shipping manifest,  the package tracking number is automatically uploaded to UPS website.

Due to UPS API limitations, with online API, you will not be able to request Delivery Intercept.