Fedex SmartPost

In order to use Fedex SmartPost shipping method, you need to first contact Fedex to enable it for your Fedex account.

Once you received the confirmation email containing the information for your label and manifest setup,  you need to complete the Fedex SmartPost setup in ActionShip based on the information Fedex provided:

Navigate to Integrations => Carriers => FedEx

Click the ">" sign to expand the "FedEx SmartPost Setup" section, filling in:

FedEx SmartPost HubId:  (info from Fedex email)

FedEx SmartPost Pickup Carrier: (info from Fedex email)

FedEx SmartPost Ancillary Endorsement:  pick one with your choice (please note that Fedex might charge for Return Service)

Please note:

1).  If  you choose Fedex SmartPost in the shipping method for an Open Order, the shipping label will not print SKU since by default Fedex does not print it out for SmartPost shipping.

2).  FedEx SmartPost should only be used to ship orders from your address. It cannot be used to generate return label.

SmartPost End of Day

Per FedEx,  only if you do SmartPost End of Day, all the SmartPost orders that you shipped (not just that same day) would immediately be closed and their tracking be sent to FedEx website.  If you don’t do End of Day,  the tracking will be only put on the website when the package is scanned by a SmartPost device, normally when the package is delivered.

So to ensure the tracking numbers for all your shipped orders via FedEx SmartPost  will show up on FedEx website, we strongly recommend you to:

  • Do SmartPost End of Day frequently on the Batch History page
  • Do the End of Day whenever you want, like multiple times a day, and once every few days.