Teapplix supports WooCommerce order sync and inventory listings sync.

Please make sure you use version 2.3 and newer, otherwise the order shipping information update would not work.

Let's assume that you have your wordpress with woocommerce plugin installed at http://example.com

1. Login into Admin section of your wordpress ( http://example.com/wp-admin )

2. Click "WooCommerce", then click "Settings"

3. Check "Enabled the REST api" flag, if it is not checked, press "Save" to save changes.

Woocommerce support image 1

WooCommerce config, steps 1,2,3

4. Go to "Users", select user you wish to access api (typically it's admin), click "Edit"

Woocommerce support image

WooCommerce, step 4

5. Scroll page down, check flag "Generate API key" if it is not checked, click "Update user"

Woocommerce support image

WooCommerce, step 5

6. Now scroll down page again. You will see fields "Consumer Key" , "Consumer Secret" and "Permission".

Woocommerce support image 4

WooCommerce, step 6

7. Change "Permission" field to "Read/Write" so teapplix can update your order status.

8. Fill "Consumer Key" , "Consumer Secret" fields in teapplix shopping cart config, "WooCommerce tab" with those values. Use your wordpress url as store url (e.g. http://example.com)

Note for https-based sites: please, use https://example.com as store url, as the WooCommerce API would not be accessible over http.

However, if you have a different setup in the wordpress for your WooCommerce link,  please make sure to use that link instead of your store url.

9. Save your WooCommerce configuration. Now teapplix will receive order from your WooCommerce shop.  Teapplix will download your order with status "Processing". You may click "Sync orders now" to load them immediately.

10. To allow inventory quantity sync you have to set checkbox "Manage stock? Enable stock management at product level" at product inventory properties.  (this i s option only needed if you subscribe to our InventoryAdvisor).

WooCommerce Inventory Config

Entering Proper Domain Name into Teapplix
Note that when you enter url into Teapplix, you must enter matching domain name as in your "WordPress Address" URL. For example. If entered myshop.com in WordPress setup, you can not enter www.myshop.com in Teapplix, or vice versa. If you get an "invalid signature" error, this is mostly likely the cause.

Known issues
If you using GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting, you may have delay with your orders sync at Teapplix. This delay is due to the fact that GoDaddy WP by default caches your site content and API endpoint as well, so we get an cached old data when trying to sync orders. To avoid this problem, you can add cache exception for your site at your WP control panel, as described at image: