Combo and QuickBooks

Combos and Inventory Assemblies
Combo products in ActionShip Inventory Advisor map to Inventory Assemblies in QuickBooks. However, there are some subtle differences.

Inventory Advisor can only handle integer quantities. Unlike QuickBooks, you can not have a combo with "0.5 of child item x".
To handle such situation, we recommend you perform the following:
1) make the smallest unit of an item the child item
2) everything else will be an integer multiplier of this child item

For example, if you have in QuickBooks:
child item x
inventory assembly y that is 0.1 of child x

then we suggest you switch the product this way:
child item y
inventory assembly x that is 10 of child item y.

Inventory Assembly and Quantity Calculation
Under QuickBooks as Inventory Master mode, Inventory Advisor imports all your products from QuickBooks Item List, including "InventoryAssemblies". Inventory Advisor will import each Inventory Assembly in QuickBooks into a Combo in Inventory Advisor, with proper child product definitions. You do not need to re-define combo products in Inventory Advisor.

Inventory Advisor reads quantity available for products from QuickBooks, however, Inventory Advisor will further adjust quantity available for combo products imported from QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks, the quantity available for inventory assembly is controlled by the "build" action.

For example, Take a combo product X, defined as A x 2 + B x 3:

Let say in QuickBooks you perform a "build" of X for 2 pieces.

Then quantity available for X becomes 2, and quantity available for A goes down by 4, and B goes down by 6. These quantity will be synced to Inventory Advisor next time you run web connector.

In Inventory Advisor, we adjust the quantity available of X further automatically, starting from 2. We take the minimum of quantity A / 2 and quantity B / 3, and add that to 2 to get the quantity available for X.

But Inventory Advisor will not adjust the quantity available for A and B.

So for this reason, we recommend that you do builds in QuickBooks for Inventory Assemblies only for orders manually entered into QuickBooks directly. When Inventory Advisor exports orders into QuickBooks, Inventory Advisor will build enough quantity to satisfy the order export automatically.

This way quantity available for assemblies will always be 0 in QuickBooks, and Inventory Advisor will calculate the quantity available based on child item quantity.