Dropship using CSV

How a client uses Teapplix ActionShip to do drop shipping:

On Orders => Normal, you can select a list of orders, click the Profile dropdown list on the top and select "Dropship CSV->CSV". Then click on the "Generic CSV" button.. It will generate a CSV file based on our default template. You can send the CSV to your dropshipper to be fulfilled.

After you verify the CSV is sent to your dropshipper, you can use Bulk Update to mark the same list of orders as shipped.

How a dropshipper uses Teapplix to import orders:

If you are the dropshipper, you can ask your client to send you an order CSV file complied with our Generic Order file template. You can import it into your Teapplix account on the "Import" page.

Generic Ship Confirmation

After “generic” orders are shipped in ActionShip, you can generate a “Generic Ship Confirmation File” from ActionShip under “Reports => Shipment Reports". Only “generic” orders will be included in the report. This ship confirmation file can be used to communicate shipping status, tracking number, postage costs, etc to other parties.

Here is a sample of our Generic Ship Confirm CSV File.

How to upload shipping confirmation

If you do dropshipping, and your dropshipper sends you a “Generic Ship Confirmation” file, you can upload the file under “Upload Drop Ship Result” link on Open Orders page. You can use this method to bulk confirm orders, from any source (eBay, Amazon, etc).

Template Customization

Teapplix offer services to customize the dropship template for a fee. Depending on the complexity of the CSV template, and the validation rules needed, the price range from $300 to $700 typically.

To help us provide you an accurate quote, please provide the following info:

1) specification of the CSV + sample

2) whether you want to test the resulting CSV, or want Teapplix to test it for you. If you do, you need to provide Teapplix test access.

3) clearly indicate validation rules needed: when you select a list of orders, will all orders be included into the dropship CSV no matter what? Some sample validation include: don't include orders that have no selected shipping method or don't include orders to international, etc.

If you want Teapplix to be able to parse "output" file from your dropshipper to capture shipping info and tracking number, that will be additional.