eBay Integration

Teapplix ActionShip uses API to import paid orders on eBay and to confirm orders shipped in ActionShip back to eBay. This is done every 30 minutes* by the Teapplix servers.
(* although the interval is set to 30 minutes, there is no guarantee for exactly 30 minutes - due to possible delays)

You can link an unlimited number of eBay accounts to a single ActionShip Account on the eBay Integration page at Integrations => Marketplaces & Carts => eBay.  

Old Orders

ActionShip imports 30 days worth of old orders under this mode. To change, you can set the "Fetch Order From Date" to an older order date on the eBay Integration page. Then click the Sync Orders button .

Title vs Custom Labels

There are two options on how ActionShip imports orders from eBay.

  • Use eBay custom label field as item name
  • Use eBay listing title as item name

Item Variations

In eBay only mode, ActionShip handles eBay item variations correctly.
If you choose to use eBay custom labels, we will set item name to the eBay item variation's SKU and the item description will be the eBay item variation's title (which is the listing title plus the selected variation(s)).
If you don't use custom labels, the item name will be eBay item variation's title (which is the listing title plus the selected variation(s)).

Shipped Orders

If you have orders marked as shipped on eBay, those orders will be marked as "Shipped" on ActionShip. Normally this update takes an hour, so make sure you don't accidentally ship the same order again from ActionShip. A shipped order on eBay that has not been imported to ActionShip will import to ActionShip directly as a "Shipped" order and will only show in History => Batch History.

Cancels and Refunds
If you cancel an order on eBay that is already imported to ActionShip, the order will be cancelled in ActionShip the next time ActionShip syncs with eBay.

If you manually mark an order shipped on eBay, the shipped status will be reflected back to ActionShip if the ActionShip order is open the next time ActionShip syncs with eBay.

Note that ActionShip normally syncs with eBay every 30 minutes. You can press "Sync Orders" button to do a sync right away.

Shipping Status

ActionShip confirms ship date, carrier and tracking number back to eBay within one hour. However if the order is marked on eBay as shipped, either manually or by some other program, Teapplix will not add the tracking information to it.