Submit Order to Amazon FBA

You can use Fulfillment by Amazon accounts to fulfill your orders from other sources. This is called "Multi-Channel Fulfillment" on Amazon.

First you need to integrate with your Amazon account, and make sure to check the "FBA Orders" checkbox so we are connected with your Amazon FBA.

Then you can dropship/submit orders to Amazon FBA Fulfillment either manually or automatically.

Manual Drop Ship to Amazon FBA

Go to Orders page, select one or more orders in open orders, click the Profile dropdown list on the top and select the Amazon FBA account.  Then click on the "Submit" button.

If there is an error during the process, you will get an error message.

Automatic Drop Ship to Amazon FBA

You can setup an automatic filter rule for this. Go to  Settings => Filters page,  click Add Filter.  In the filter, specify the filtering criteria such as Marketplace,  SKU, etc, so we would know what orders to submit to Amazon FBA. In the Action section at the bottom, check the "Drop Ship" option and select the right FBA account. Make sure to check the "Run this search on new orders coming" checkbox on the top, and Save the filter.  This filter will be applied automatically to newly downloaded orders and the qualified orders will be Drop Shipped to Amazon FBA.

Orders failed during Drop Ship will remain in Open Orders page. You can use manual submit to check the error of the failure.

Order Status

In either of these two approach, the orders will be marked as shipped right away in ActionShip and when it is submitted to Amazon. But we will not update the marketplaces.  Once Amazon fulfilled the order, we will update the order with shipping info in Action Ship and update the marketplaces.

Determining the Amazon Seller SKU

For customers without Teapplix InventoryAdvisor:
Use "remember weight" on an order to assign a "SKU" to an order. That "SKU" value must match an Amazon seller SKU. Then, submit the order to Amazon. This mapping step can be skipped, if your item name matches Amazon seller SKU exactly.

For customers with Teapplix InventoryAdvisor:

If your item name matches a certain Amazon FBA Seller SKU exactly, then Teapplix will post to that Seller SKU. If you do not want this to happen, you must edit the order and change the "item name" first before submitting the order to FBA.

If your item name do not match any Amazon FBA Seller SKU, then we use the Teapplix Item Mapping facility:

  1. If the "item name" of your order matches an FBA Listing Seller SKU exactly, Teapplix will use the seller SKU to submit orders. If you do not want this to happen, you must edit the order and change the "item name" to some other name.
  2. Otherwise, you map the item name in the order to certain Teapplix SKU
  3. Teapplix will try to find an FBA listing, that has the same Teapplix SKU. If there are multiple, then a random one is selected.
  4. Teapplix will submit the order using the Seller SKU on this listing.
  5. If no such FBA listing is found, Teapplix will submit to FBA using the "Teapplix SKU" if there is a mapping, or "Item Name" if not.

For Customers with InventoryAdvisor, your Amazon listing is downloaded at least once an hour. If you just setup Amazon integration, please press the "Download Listings" button to download your Amazon listings before submitting orders to Amazon.

Please Note: When we submit the dropship request to Amazon, we will need to use a listing on your Amazon account. Amazon will check if there is any quantity available on that listing to ship, Otherwise, Amazon will give an error.
If you have more than one listing on Amazon that are associate with the same SKU, we will randomly pick one. So if you don't want this to happen, please make sure there is only one listing associate with the SKU. Otherwise, please make sure all your listings for the SKU have adequate quantity available to do the shipping.

Selecting FBA Shipping Class
By default, Teapplix submit your order to Amazon using the "Standard" shipping service. If you would like to use higher service, you can select in Teapplix shipping method dropdown, either the "FBA Expedited" or "FBA Priority" level of service. That order will then submit to FBA using the chosen level of shipping service.

To turn on the 3 FBA shipping methods, go to Setup => Shipping, check the checkbox "Enable FBA", and then click on "configure shipping methods". Select the FBA shipping method you intend to use.

Selecting What Email Address to Use on Submitted Orders

You can control what email address to use when you submit an order to FBA:

  • use the order (buyer's) email address
  • use your own email address

This is selected when you add Amazon account with "FBA orders" checked. Your own email address is the same as the "From" address in your email notification to buyers. They are set on Setup => Ship Notification Emails.

Combo Items
Sometimes, you may have a single item in the original order, that when you submit to FBA, you want FBA to ship out multiple items. This is achieved (with InventoryAdvisor subscription) by defining the original order item as a combo. In addition, you configure the target Amazon account to "decompose combo on order submit".

Then, when you submit order, Teapplix first breaks down the combo to individual sub-items and their quantities. After that we will apply the SKU mapping algorithm above.

Updating Shipping Results
Once submitted to Amazon FBA, the order will be marked as shipped in Teapplix, but not confirmed back to the original channel. Teapplix polls Amazon every hour to download shipping status for these orders, until the "shipped" event and tracking number is available. Teapplix will copy such tracking numbers back to Teapplix and update the tracking number back onto the channel the order originally came from.

Supported Countries
FBA submit is supported for any country that Teapplix supports Amazon MWS integration.

Common Issues
If you get an error when dropshipping an order to Amazon FBA, please look into the following possible reason:

  • There is no listing on your Amazon FBA account using the same SKU as your order item SKU or the SKU it is mapped to.
  • There are multiple listings on your Amazon FBA account using the same SKU as your order item SKU or the SKU it is mapped to.