Order Selection and Date

You can control what orders to export to QuickBooks using a start date, as well as how to "date" the sales receipt / sales orders in QuickBooks.

You can control to export all orders that is in Teapplix, or export orders starting from a cutoff date. The date on the Sales Receipt or Sales Order in QuickBooks can be the order date in Teapplix, or the date the order is exported to QuicKBooks.

Sometimes you may want to control in QuickBooks what date to recognize the sale. To do this, turn off "automatic" WebConnector runs, and only run WebConnector sync manually. In Teapplix, set the export order date to "Date Exported to QuickBooks".

Extra Options with ActionShip Subscription
When you subscribe to Teapplix ActionShip, you gain shipping status control for orders, and there are some extra options to control order export to QuickBooks.

  1. Shipped Orders vs All Orders - you can choose to export to QuickBooks only after an order is shipped
  2. "Ship Date" as date of Sales Receipt in QuickBooks - you can choose to date the Sales in QuickBooks as the date the order is shipped
  3. Cutoff date becomes "Ship Date" - if you choose to date the sales in QuickBooks as "Ship Date", and you specify a cutoff date, Teapplix will pick orders shipped after that cutoff date (as compared to payment date after that cutoff date)