Bank Accounts

You get to choose by channel what account to deposit funds from Sales Receipts.

Teapplix recommend you use the Accounts 2 ways:

  1. "Fake Bank method" - Create a bank account to correspond to PayPal, Amazon, Sears, etc. All sales receipts will deposit to these banks. When you get paid from the Channel, or transfer money from PayPal to your real bank, you perform "transfer" in QuickBooks, and can also put in adjustments to reconcile for refunds and differences.
  2. "Undeposited Funds method" - deposit money to Undeposited Funds account. This allows you to reconcile each individual order and deposit the proceeds, but it is slower and more label intensive, and only recommended for smaller volume sellers

Note that Sales Orders, Invoices are considered unpaid and have no associated "Accounts".

Multiple Bank Accounts for Credit Card Orders on Shopping Carts

If you integrate shopping carts to Teapplix, normally Teapplix deposits all payments to a single designated account.

If you want to deposit to different bank accounts based on payment methods, on the "Integration Setup" page, you have a link "+additional", where you can specify one extra bank account per payment method.