Initial Setup

To enable UPS Go to Setup => Shipping:

  • click on "Enable UPS" checkbox.
  • Print UPS labels through: Select the integration method. Your choices are Online API or WorldShip
  • UPS Return Label: if you use Online API as integration method, this provides what kind of return label to print
  • Click on "configure shipping methods" link. Select the shipping methods you use
  • Click "Save" on the page

Next, go to Setup => UPS

Enter your account information by following the wizard.

Step 1: Read then click on "Next"

Step 2:  Agree to UPS terms then click "Next"



Step 3: Fill out the form accordingly, note, your UPS account number, control id can all be found on your UPS invoice as shown below:


To find the UPS account information such as Control ID etc, locate your UPS invoice and the information is on the invoice as shown below:


After these steps, you can go to open orders and print your labels and obtain rate quotes.