Initial Setup

To enable UPS Go to Setup => Shipping:

  • click on "Enable UPS" checkbox.
  • Print UPS labels through: Select the integration method. Your choices are Online API or WorldShip
  • UPS Return Label: if you use Online API as integration method, this provides what kind of return label to print
  • Click on "configure shipping methods" link. Select the shipping methods you use
  • Click "Save" on the page

Next, go to Setup => UPS

Enter your account information by following the wizard.

Step 1: Read then click on "Next"

Step 2:  Agree to UPS terms then click "Next"



Step 3: Fill out the form accordingly, note, your UPS account number, control id can all be found on your UPS invoice as shown below:


To find the UPS account information such as Control ID etc, locate your UPS invoice and the information is on the invoice as shown below:


After these steps, you can go to open orders and print your labels and obtain rate quotes.

Please Note:

If you are getting error "Missing or invalid shipper number" when you generate UPS label, it means you need to add your UPS Account Number to  Please follow the steps below on how to associate an existing UPS Account Number:

  1. Log into your User ID.
  2. Click on the name in the upper right and select Payment Options.
  3. In the drop down, select Add Existing Account and click the Add button.
  4.  Select the Payment Account Type: Documents and Packages (default) or Air Freight.
  5.  Enter the following account information:
    - Account Number
    - Nickname — This is for you to see on
    - Country
    - Postal Code for Pickup Address
    - Optional: Make this my default payment method — Check this if you wish to do so.
  6. If the account has been previously invoiced by UPS, you will be asked to provide invoice information.