UPS Mail Innovations

Teapplix ActionShip supports Mail Innovations via our UPS Online API integration.

Online API
Using Online API, ActionShip will generate PDF labels for both domestic and international mail innovations.

ActionShip will automatically overlay the SKU on the shipping label. If you want to turn this off, you can do so under Settings => Printers & Scales "SKU on shipping label".

Package ID
UPS MI requires this to be Alpha numeric value only with length 1-30.
Package ID is set to an internal Teapplix integer, that is unique per account. If you take any order in ActionShip and click on "options", you will see a "Shipping ID" integer, this will be used as "Package ID".

Cost Center
Cost Center is set globally in ActionShip. Change it on the Integrations => Carriers => UPS page.

You can set 2 endorsements in ActionShip, one for domestic < 1lb method, one for the rest. They are set under Integrations => Carriers => UPS.

CN22 Form for International
ActionShip always uses the "combined CN22" form for Mail Innovations. In this case, if your item has multiple lines, ActionShip customs form will take the custom description from the first line, and add up the quantity, weight, values of all the lines and put on the CN22 form.

For a small fee, we can import that rate file from your UPS MI account. And the postage charged on each order that is shipped using UPS MI label will be recorded in ActionShip.