Amazon Handling Time

For Amazon listings that you have a non standard handling time, quantity sync will overwrite their handling time. To avoid this, you set your handling time in Teapplix ActionShip as well once the listing is imported to ActionShip.

To do this, you use the CSV upload method, normally this is used to update the "price" of listings, but you can skip the price, and only upload the handling time:

  • On Inventory => Listings, search only for Amazon listings (you can also limit to particular Amazon account)
  • Click on Export, select Price (+ Warehouse) update format, and check "only records matching current filter"
  • Once you have the exported CSV, fill in the "Handling Time" column, it should be a number like 1 2 3, indicating number of days
  • Remove the "New Price" column, otherwise you will trigger a price update when you upload to ActionShip.
  • Save the resulting file as CSV, and import back to ActionShip by using the "Update Price" link on the Listing page.

Please note,  we only update the handling time when we update a listing with quantity change.  If a listing is already updated with your most recent inventory quantity, we won't update the listing, including the handling time on Amazon. To force an update to amazon, change the quantity available in ActionShip.