Stamps / Endicia USPS Scan Form

You can generate a "USPS Scan Form" at Order History -> EOD. Select "USPS Scan Form" from the drop down list at the top left of the "End Of the Day" (EOD) page. Select a zip if you have multiple shipping profiles, then click Generate. A printable PDF file will be created.

Print the scan form on the same day the labels are printed.  The cutoff time to be able to generate the Scan Form for the day is 8pm Pacific Time.

Multiple scan forms can be generated for a single day. If you have printed your scan form and then print more labels, just generate another scan form. Items on the original scan form will not be available for the second scan form. The second scan form created will include items printed since the last scan form was created. Have the driver scan all forms when they pick up the packages.

If you have setup multiple shipping profiles and each shipping profile has its own address, the scan form generated will have separate pages for each corresponding shipping profile.

NOTE:  A First Class Large Envelope (Flat) is not eligible for the Scan form as it is not a trackable mail class.