Tracking Postage Cost

Teapplix can optionally export the "postage" as a bill into your QuickBooks. These bills will accumulate, and at the end of the month when you pay them, you can mark these bills as paid. If you export the orders individually, the postage amount on each order will be recorded as a separate bill. If you export the order using our "daily summary" options, then each summarized order will have a single postage bill.

Cancel & Reprints

If you cancel labels on an order already exported to QuickBooks and reprint again, the old postage bill will not be adjusted to reflect the new postage balance. You would need to go to QuickBooks and find the corresponding bill and modify or delete it. We put the Teapplix order id in the Memo field of the bill to help you search. You can also narrow down by looking at the ship date. Teapplix logs all cancellations under "Order History" => "Batch History", this will help you deal with adjusting cancelled bills exported to QuickBooks.

Note that the option to track postage cost is only available if you use Teapplix as your shipping software. This option will not be available if you only use Teapplix for QuickBooks Integration.