Custom Packaging

By default, Teapplix ActionShip remember weight remembers the weight of products including packaging.

However, sometimes this model is not convenient. You can define a "custom package", and when applied to a specific order, the dimension of the package will be used, and the weight of the package will be added to the weight of the order.

To define custom packages, go to Inventory => Packages and Boxes. You can add packages and specify their weight and dimensions.

Note that dimensions are in inches.

To use custom package, for any order, click on "options" link on open orders, and in the Packaging drop down, select your package.

Weight Drop Down on Open Orders

When you apply custom package to an order, the "weight" dropdown has a special meaning. It becomes the total weight for the order including package.

For example, let's assume the custom package weights 8oz, and you specify the total order weight to be 3lb.

ActionShip will store 2lb 8oz as the order weight, but add 8oz package weight to generate labels.

If, for example, you switch to a different package, one that is default with 0 weight.

Then the total weight of the order will become 2lb 8oz.