Inventory Options

Before you use ActionShip Inventory Advisor, you need to make some initial decisions. These are configured on "Inventory => Options" screen.

Inventory Master
Inventory Master controls where you enter initial quantity and future purchase orders. Your choice will be:

  • Teapplix As Inventory Master: Quantity and Cost are entered into ActionShip. Purchase orders are entered into ActionShip directly
  • QuickBooks As Inventory Master: You maintain Quantity, Purchase Orders in QuickBooks. ActionShip reads the Current Quantity and cost from QuickBooks.
  • Multi-warehouse - you will create separate warehouse, each tracks it's own quantity and cost. When you turn on multi-warehouse, each warehouse will have it's own setting of who is the inventory master.

If your inventory is maintained in another thirdparty system, you should set "Teapplix As Inventory Master" and use API to sync those quantities into ActionShip.

Cost Method
With Teapplix As Inventory Master, you have 2 ways to enter cost into ActionShip, which will be used for profit & loss calculations:

  • Default Cost Method: cost is entered once on the "Products" page, and used forever
  • Average Cost Method: ActionShip will calculate average cost based on records on your "Enter Quantity" page

Note that with QuickBooks As Inventory Master, cost is calculated in QuickBooks and passed onto ActionShip each time sync happens.

For multi-warehouse, each warehouse uses a "avg-cost" model.

Inventory Alerts

ActionShip can setup inventory alerts. Alerts are shown as red triangle notices when you login to ActionShip.

There are 2 types of alerts

  1. Shortage alert - when your quantity available is less than x weeks of sales
  2. Stale alert - when your quantity available is more than y weeks of sales

In this section, you can config the "x, and y", and also configure how many weeks we look back to compute the average sales per week.

Notice that Inventory Alerts are per warehouse if you turned on multi-warehouse.

Quantity Sync Control

This section list all the channels that you linked ActionShip to. You can use the checkbox to control ActionShip automatic inventory sync.

If you check the checkbox for a particular channel, then Teapplix will:

  • automatically post inventory update to that channel every 15 minutes or so
  • automatically download listings from that channel every 30 minutes or so

If you did not check the check box for a particular channel, ActionShip will

  • Download listing from this channel every day
  • No automatic inventory post to this channel, you can manually perform inventory sync on the "Inventory => Listings" page by selecting "Sync Quantity to Marketplace " from the Action drop down list.