UPS/FedEx automatically insure the package value up to $100 (excluding special UPS combo services where USPS does the final delivery, as well as FedEx SmartPost or any other new UPS | FedEx services where special rules apply for insurance.)

*Please note, what is covered by UPS/FedEx is subject to change by the carriers and you should confirm what is covered with each carrier accordingly.

If you need to insure order value exceeding $100,   there are two options you can choose:  Teapplix Insurance or Carrier Insurance.

Click the "Edit pencil" found on the right of the order, you can select which option to use.  By default,  the order's total sales value will be insured, unless you specify a different Insured Value.

Teapplix Insurance

Teapplix shipping insurance is powered by Lloyds of London and administered by ShipSurance. For detailed rules and coverage limites, see our website at

Adding Teapplix Insurance To Shipments

You get 24 hours after shipping to decide if you want to purchase shipping insurance. After that, the purchase is final.

You can purchase insurance either by using automation rules under Setting => Insurance, or by clicking the "edit pencil" on the right to view the available Insurance options for each order. You can also use bulk update to add insurance to multiple open orders.

For UPS /FedEx label (excluding special UPS combo services where USPS does the final delivery, as well as FedEx SmartPost or any other new UPS | FedEx services where special rules apply for insurance), the first $100 is covered by the carrier *, amounts above $100 is normally covered by Teapplix Insurance.

Automation Rules

You can put in a rule to automatically purchase shipping insurance if the order amount exceeds a threshold. You can also put in separate amounts for domestic vs international. See Settings => Insurance.

How Do I Verify Insurance Purchase?

Go to "Reports => Insurance Report" to review entries

Please note, we allow 24 hours for you to finalize the insurance on an order.  Then we will purchase the insurance.

So the insurance purchase record will show up in the Insurance Report only 24 hours after you ship an order.

How To File Insurance Claim:
You can file a new claim here:

Can you select Insurance to be applied to only Domestic or only International shipments?
At this time, no; however you can use bulk select option, select all domestic or all international and apply insurance preference that way instead of having to do each one separately.

Carrier Insurance

If you want carrier insurance from UPS / FedEx covering the entire order amount, click on “Rates&Options” and choose Carrier for Insurance.

USPS Insurance

USPS Priority Mails may have $50 - $100 value automatically covered by USPS.  However if account is using negotiated discount pricing,  direct USPS carrier insurance may not be available for this shipments because USPS requires that postage must be displayed on the label to purchase insurance.

When you use Endicia/Stamps USPS account with discounted rate.  You would not be able to purchase Carrier insurance (which is directly purchased with USPS online sevice).

In this case, we recommend you to use Teapplix insurance instead.

If you have a lost/damaged package, and did not purchase Teapplix insurance,  you may file a claim directly to USPS.  If it is approved by USPS, the approved insurance amount will be paid directly to you.