Current Quantity

The Current Quantity page display live calculated quantity by Teapplix.

Teapplix starts with the "entered" quantity, then Teapplix adjusts by deducting orders that are not shipped or accounted for in "enter quantity":

Teapplix as Inventory Master

  • Teapplix first calculates quantity based on the last "in-stock" record + credits and debits after the in-stock date
  • Orders open will be deducted
  • Orders shipped after the "in-stock" date will also be deducted

QuickBooks as Inventory Master

  • Teapplix starts with current "Quantity Available" from QuickBooks
  • Orders that are not exported to QuickBooks will be deducted


Qty Reserve

Sometime due to various reason, you might not want to use the exact warehouse quantity for a product to update the listings, instead you need to reserve some quantity as a backup.  For example,  if one of your product is very popular, it might sale multiple orders around the same time in multiple marketplaces.  Given that there is at least 30 minutes latency  for Teapplix to download the orders and update all marketplaces with new qty available,  it is recommended that you keep a qty reserve number for this product.

You can set the Qty Reserve number in the Current Quantity page.