Automatic Rate Shop

In addition to standard carrier shipping methods, Teapplix ActionShip offers custom "SmartMethod™", that you can define on your own. These shipping methods will rate shop among several candidates given a particular order and origination address, and pick the cheapest one.


For example, you may design a smart method with 2 choices: a priority mail, and a priority mail flat rate medium box.

For any order selecting this smart method, ActionShip will first check that any specified dimensions will fit inside the medium box (which should be 11 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 6"). If so, ActionShip will run rate quotes between the chosen methods, and pick the method that provide the cheapest rate automatically when you print.

A second example is for people that pick among different UPS shipping methods by weight, for example:

  • < 1lb: UPS Mail Innovations Under 1lb
  • otherwise: UPS Ground

Smart Methods are created under Settings => Rate Shop  (used to be SmartMethods)

Once you create such methods, you will see the choice in open orders drop down, as well as remember weight.

Printing labels is the same by hitting the "Ship" button.  Clicking the edit pencil on the right will display the rate options.