Multiple Shipping Profiles

Normally, when you setup Shipping in your Teapplix ActionShip account, you have a single physical address, a single USPS,  UPS and FedEx account.

However, if you have multiple physical warehouses, or multiple businesses, you may have multiple from addresses, multiple packing lists and email templates, etc.

Shipping profile is a unit that can contain a separate set of such settings:

  • from address
  • packing list template
  • ship notification email template
  • USPS account
  • FedEx account, including 3rd party billing accounts
  • UPS account, including 3rd party billing accounts
  • cost center

Please Note that, on FedEx SmartPost label, the shown return address is not set on our software but rather during account setup for FedEx and not changeable.

Shipping profiles also allows you to have separate label layout and printer settings

  • label layout (domestic and international)
  • sku on shipping label
  • packing list after label vs no packing list
  • local vs cloud printer, printer selections
  • scan based print options

Once multiple shipping profiles are created, your "open orders" view will be different:

  • you can select a shipping profile before you hit the label generation or packing list buttons. The selection will be sticky until you change your selection, or you visit an order queue with an assigned profile.
  • you can associate an order queue with a specific shipping profile, when you work in that queue, the shipping profile will automatically be selected

Master Default Profile

There is a "Master Default" profile, that contains the setup information you entered into ActionShip before turning on shipping profile. This profile (id=1) can not be removed.


You can turn on and add additional shipping profiles in "Settings => Shipping Profiles". After that, you can add, modify and delete profiles.

Queues & Shipping Profiles
When you turn on shipping profiles, "manage order queue" screen will have an extra column. For each order queue, you can optionally select a profile linked to that queue. Once setup, when you go to that queue on open orders, the shipping profile will be automatically selected.