QuickBooks Point Of Sale (POS)

Teapplix integrates with QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS). The integration and workflow is very similar to our QuickBooks Integration.

POS as Inventory Master

The main reason to integrate POS to Teapplix, is to use POS as inventory master:

  • Teapplix will export your web orders to POS to deduct inventory
  • POS will tell Teapplix the inventory quantity and cost, taking into account your sales at physical stores

When you link Teapplix to POS, you no longer integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks, your financial data will pass from POS to QuickBooks.

Setup Steps

To link your Teapplix account to POS, you download a different .qwc file and add to your web connector. The file is called teapplixpos.qwc. The rest of the steps is exactly the same as your QuickBooks integration.

Item Name

Unlike QuickBooks integration, you make a choice of what field in POS to treat as the inventory "Item Name/SKU" in Teapplix.

Your choices are: Name, ALU, or Item Number. You make the choice on the "Integration Setup" page.

Other Differences with QuickBooks Integration

  1. Shipping, Discount, Tax etc are hardwired into POS and do not require items
  2. There are no "classes", inventory sites
  3. POS do not seem to support Inventory Assemblies
  4. We cannot select Account to use when creating Sales Receipt in POS. So we will create the Sales Receipt and just set to check payment.
  5. There is no Discount-type item in POS, so by default we don't export the fee value from the orders. If you do need to export the fee value, please contact our Technical Support team to do a special setup for the fee item.  And the fee value will be exported to the "Discount" field in your Sales Order/Sales Receipt.
  6. The main reason to integration with POS is for inventory tracking. So if you also turned on Inventory Advisor subscription, make sure on Inventory->Options, you have chosen QuickBooks as Inventory Master.
  7. There is no way to import from POS to Teapplix. If you have order that need shipping, you are better off entering them onto a web shopping cart system instead of POS