Getting UPS Account Rates

When you setup your UPS Online API account, you must fill out the section where it asks for your latest invoice data. This is required for you to get your Negotiated Rates.

Please Note:  please enter the invoice data exactly matching what's on your UPS invoice. You only have 3 chances in a day to fail when we try to pass UPS authorization using the data you entered.

If you do not have any invoice from UPS, say your UPS account is new, or for some other reason you are unable to authenticate the UPS account number, you will need to contact your UPS Account Manager to have an ABR Exception processed on the UPS backend system "".

If you do not have a contact phone number for your UPS Account Manager, please contact UPS Customer Service at 1-800-742-5877.

If you don't see your UPS Negotiated Rates for orders you plan to ship in Teapplix ActionShip, please check or do the following to make sure you add your UPS Account to Payment Option:

Log into your User ID.
Click on the name in the upper right and select Payment Options.
In the drop down, select Add Existing Account and click the Add button.
Select the Payment Account Type: Documents and Packages (default) or Air Freight.
Enter the following account information:
- Account Number
- Nickname — This is for you to see on
- Country
- Postal Code for Pickup Address
Optional: Make this my default payment method — Check this if you wish to do so.
If the account has been previously invoiced by UPS, you will be asked to provide invoice information.