Direct Mode

In direct mode you can print DHL eCommerce labels using your own DHL eCommerce account. We support printing domestic, international,  and dangerous goods labels.


First gather your account information from your DHL Rep, including:

  • Account Number
  • PICKUP Number
  • Mailer Id
  • Processing Facility Code
  • Default Incoterms (DAP - duty paid by sender, DDP duty paid by recipient)
  • DHL Endorsement
  • SFTP Information (username, password)
  • ESM Upload Path (always use "To_GMail")

Then follow the steps below to integrate with your DHL eCommerce account:

1) Turn on DHL eCommerce 

a) Navigate to Integrations => Carriers
b) Click the "+" sign to add a new carrier.
c) Select DHL eCommerce, then click Close to close the carrier options page.
d) Click DHLeC, then click "Setup DHL eCommerce Account"

2) Setup your DHL account in ActionShip 
On the "Add DHL eCommerce Account" page, enter all your DHL account information, including FTP login info. Click on "Configure DHL eCommerce Shipping Methods" and check the ship methods you are approved to use by DHLeC. 

3) Print labels
If you need to test for shipping dangerous goods, you need to go to Inventory=>Products page, and edit that product SKU to set the Dangerous Goods Type (the type code should be provided to you by DHL).
On Open Orders page, select the DHL eCommerce services you use for each of the testing orders, enter the weight, and Click "Ship" to print the labels.

You must turn off the headers and footers in the browser print setup to make the label print cleanly.

Turn on "background graphics" when you print label for dangerous goods. (On your browser page to select printer, there will be an option to select "background graphics").

5) Generate the Manifest
After that, go to ActionShip "History => EOD", Select "DHL eCommerce End of Day".  Then click Generate.  You should see that it says "xxxxxx.ESM uploaded successfully", print the DSM form that opens up to a laser printer (8x11 sheet).