Print DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce in "Direct Mode"

To print DHL eCommerce shipping labels, you select a list of orders with assigned shipping methods a weight, and you press the "DHL" button.
Your current window will pop up a modal dialog, and a new window will display showing you all the generated DHL eCommerce labels.
Please note: you must turn on “background graphics” on your browser to print labels for shipping dangerous goods.

Print the labels, and then click "Mark Orders Shipped" on the modal dialog. All the printed orders will now be marked as shipped with tracking numbers.

End of Day
When you give the packages to DHL eCommerce driver, you must go to Teapplix "Order History => Batch History" page, and click on DHLGM End of Day button. This will do 2 things:

  1. It will print a "Driver Manifest", you need to print it and sign it and give it to your driver
  2. It will also cause Teapplix to upload a ESM file (Electronic Manifest) to your DHLGM FTP server. Make sure this happens without errors. If you experience an error, please verify your setup under Setup => DHL Global Mail, to make sure you did not enter in the wrong username and password etc, and then retry. If you still cannot resolve it, please contact Teapplix Support.

To cancel a label, go to Order History to find the order, and click on "unmark as shipped" link to move the order to Open Orders. Note that you should only do that before you generate the DSM for the day.

To reprint a DHL eCommerce label printed in direct mode, click "unmark as shipped" like above, and then print the label again. Teapplix will assign the same tracking number to this label. Note that you should only do this on the same day the original label is printed. Otherwise, the DSM / ESM generated above will be wrong.