Multi-Currency Issue 3140

QuickBooks has a bug, where if you export orders with different currency into QuickBooks, sometimes QuickBooks is stuck and gives you the following error:

call SalesReceiptRet returned error 3140: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Customer "xxxxxx" in the SalesReceipt. QuickBooks error message: The currency of the account must be either in home currency or the transaction currency.

To resolve this issue:

1) make sure you have setup in "Integration Setup" the proper account / customer for the marketplace with matching currencies
2) If the above is verified, go to QuickBooks "Customer" =>"Enter Sales Receipts", try to enter a dummy sales receipt using the "customer" and "account" of the order that failed to export, if you get the same error, try first change the "account" to the proper account, then pull down the customer, make sure you can eventually save the dummy sales receipt.
3) after you save the dummy sales receipt, you can continue to run WebConnector to export your orders.
4) Everytime you run into this error, you need to repeat the above steps.