Enable SKU (Custom Label) field on eBay

eBay is very peculiar in the sense that one of the most basic information for a product - namely SKU is not readily visible or available.

eBay uses a field named "Custom Label" as the product SKU. If you dont have SKU (Custom Label) assigned for products then it becomes impossible to integrate with QuickBooks or any other system because you cannot definitively identify products sold. Setting unique values in the Custom Label field on eBay is required for T-HUB to be able to post eBay orders to QuickBooks or be able to update Inventory to eBay.

Follow these steps to make the Custom Label field visible and editable on your eBay account.

Step 1: On your eBay account, click on My eBay > Activity > Selling Manager Pro

eBay Selling Manager


Step 2: Click on Active to all your active listings


Step 3: Find the Custom Label field on each listing


Step 4: Now click on the Add to assign Unique SKU to your listing on eBay