Automatic Inventory Sync

Teapplix can sync inventory quantity with your marketplaces and channels automatically, every 15 minutes.

Turning On Automatic Sync
You can control 15 minute inventory sync on a per marketplace / seller account basis. To do that, go to Teapplix "Inventory => Options" page, you will see a check box to "Turn on 15 minute inventory sync".

To turn it on, check this checkbox and press "Save". Once you check the checkbox, you will notice additional checkboxes show up, one per marketplace and seller account. Teapplix will automatically sync to those accounts that you have checked on this page.

For accounts that Teapplix perform automatic inventory sync:

  • Teapplix performs listing download every hour
  • Teapplix sync quantity with those listings every 15 minutes

For accounts that Teapplix do not perform automatic inventory sync:

  • Teapplix perform listing download every day

Of course, you can always do a listing download by pushing the "Download Listings Now" button.

Which SKU is Synced
Note that Teapplix will only sync those listings, that has matching SKU in Teapplix with established quantities. The following type of SKUs will not be synced:

  • The SKU is marked "inactive" in Teapplix
  • There is no quantity record in Teapplix for the SKU
  • When multi-warehouse is turned on: There is no quantity for the SKU for the warehouse that the listing is assigned to