Drop Ship Inventory Management

When you dropship between Teapplix ActionShip accounts, and you subscribe to Teapplix "InventoryAdvisor" product, you are given the choice to expose inventory from the "receiver" of the dropship to the "submitter" of the dropship.

View From the Receiver of Drop Ship

Receiver accounts can "grant" inventory export on Settings => Drop Ship Accounts.

As a receiver of dropship orders, you can choose to expose all your inventory, or your inventory specific to a warehouse to your submitter. The choice is per submitter.

To control this, the following rule is used:

  • If you setup the dropship account to go to a specific order queue, and that order queue is tied to a warehouse, then quantities from that warehouse is exported to the submitter
  • Otherwise, the quantity from "warehouse 0", which is sum of quantity from all warehouses, are exposed.

To grant the warehouse access for a dropship account, you need to choose "Inventory Access" for the Inventory Policy column for that account.

View from the Submitter of Drop Ship

Submitter can turn on inventory sync from the dropshipper, provided Receiver has granted, on Setup => Drop Ship Account, by checking the "Import Inventory" checkbox on Setup => Drop Ship Account for that dropshipper account.

Once enabled, quantity will sync using the following schedule:

  • If you turned on 15 minute inventory sync, every 15 minutes
  • Otherwise, daily

The quantity from the Receiver will go to the following warehouse, if you have multi-warehouse turned on:

  • If you created an External Warehouse running ActionShip tied to the specific Receiver account, then quantity will sync to that warehouse.
  • Otherwise, quantity will sync to warehouse 1 which is the default warehouse.