Bulk Import/Update Products

Products can be created in Teapplix ActionShip system automatically or manually. The "Remember Weight", QuickBooks integration and Listings download will create the products automatically.

How ever if you need to manually import products in bulk, or if you need to update your existing products in bulk, you can use the Import/Export process on the Inventory => Products page to do so.

Download a file template

If you have large number of data on the Products page, and you only need to update small set of them, or you just need to create new products, you can first use the search fields to search out a small number of products.

Click on the Import/Export action link, you will see a window pop up; select "Export" first, check the checkbox for "only records matching current filter", then click on Export to CSV or XLS which will download a csv/xls file. This will give you a template file to start with creating products, or all your existing products for update.

Edit the file

Open this file in excel and you can see the headers that corresponding to each of the user interface fields. Please keep the headers names as it is.

  • For a product creation, add a row for each of your products and fill it with your product information. Required fields are
    • Teapplix SKU
    • Item Title
    • Item Type (should be set to 0)
    • Active (should be set to 1)
  • For existing product update, modify a particular column content for each existing product. If you are only updating some of the product fields, you can just keep those field headers in the file (such as Location, Item Title, Category, etc) and remove other fields. But you should always keep the field Teapplix SKU in the file.

Save modified file as csv/xls file again.

Import the file

Click on the Import/Export action link again, select "Import", then select Import from CSV. If you have a large file to import or if you have a slow network, please make sure to wait till the import is fully complete and user interface reflects the correct total number of products.