Bulk Import/Update Weight Table

Other than creating / updating the Remember Weight information for each order item / product SKU via UI page, you can use the file Import to create/update the weight and shipping method information for all products at once.

Please perform the following steps on Inventory => Weight Table page:

  • Given that the shipping method names to be used for bulk import are the short code instead of the long descripted names, it is highly recommanded that you first manually create one record using the "Add One" action link, and fill in all the shipping method you would need. This way you will have a reference in the template file generated in below step.
  • After you have created one record, click on Import/Export. A window would pop up; select "Export", then click on Export to CSV which will download a .csv file. This file would be the template file. Also here is a full list of the Teapplix ship methods for US Shipping Carrier .
  • Open this template file in Microsoft Excel. you can see the headers that corresponding to each of the UI fields. Please keep the headers names as it is and not modify/remove any. For creation, you need to add one row for each of the product SKU. For update, you can modify the corresponding field. Then save as csv file again.
  • Then import this file using Import/Export again, but select ‘Import’, then click Import from CSV.