Teapplix ActionShip integrates with OpenCart and can automatically download orders and upload order shipping information.

The minimal supported OpenCart version is to link OpenCart account to ActionShip you need to tall our plugin (the download is provided on the setup page).

Follow these steps to setup the OpenCart integration

  • Navigate to Integration => Marketplaces & Carts
  • Click +Add Marketplaces, search for OpenCart and select it. Click Close to close the marketplaces options page.
  • Click "+Add OpenCart Account" button, then click "Link OpenCart Account".
  • Click the link for "Download Plugin" to download our OpenCart plugin archive file.  (*If you are trying to integration with OpeCart version 3.0,  please contact our Support team to obtain the new plugin file).
  • Log in your OpenCart admin page.
  • Move to "Extensions" => "Extension Installer". The "puzzle piece" is where the Extension installer is. You can also change the view to show words there by clicking on the upper left-hand side on the icon that looks like a page, that will change the view on the page -
  • Click "Upload" and browser the plugin archive file you downloaded from ActionShip.
  • To connect plugin with ActionShip open "Extensions" => "Modules" => "Teapplix (Edit)".
  • Make sure it shows "Teapplix Connected"
  • Check your Teapplix account OpenCart setup page, it should display connected to your OpenCart

Sometimes OpenCart connection with ActionShip is not successful, but OpenCart would still show as "Teapplix Connected". In this case, you can go to your OpenCart Extension page, and try to re-do the connection (click "disconnect" button first and then "connect" button again). Please repeat this action until you see the successful connected message. Then click on "Test Connection" to test it out.