DHL eCommerce Direct Mode

If you ship DHL eCommerce, every day you must perform end of day to upload an ESM file to DHL ftp site and print a driver manifest (DSM) file to give to DHL pickup driver.  There will be separate ESM files for domestic and international shipment.  There is only one DSM file needed for domestic shipment.

To print the driver manifest and upload the days shipment to DHL:

  • Go to History => EOD
  • Select "DHL eCommerce End of Day (DSM)" from the drop down list make sure it successfully upload the ESM file and prints out a DSM document. (if you only have international shipments, the DSM will be empty)
  • Teapplix ActionShip will upload both Domestic and International shipments for that day to the DHL eCommerce FTP server.
  • The DSM should be given to the driver who picks up the shipments, and signed by the driver.
  • If you have International shipments, you need to go to your DHL eCommerce portal and create the eBOL before the packages can be picked up.

It is recommended to do End of Day at least once after you finish the shipment for the day.  However, if you forgot to do so for a day, those shipment will be included in the End of Day manifest file you generate the next day.

You can generate multiple manifest files during the day.  If you do more shipping after the DHL eCommerce DSM is already printed,  you can generate another End of Day manifest file which will contain the additional shipment.

You can also re-submit a manifest file that was generated (but not received or correctly processed by DHL).  One the History->EOD page, find a manifest file in the list, then click the "..." on the right side and choose Re-Submit.