Google Cloud Print

Google cloud print will print your label without opening the PDF, saving you several clicks per label. In addition, now you can share printers and work on machines without the printers attached.

Here are the steps to setup:

  1. On any computer that is hooked to a printer you want to use, open a browser, and log in to your gmail account
  2. Follow instructions on this google website to provision the printer access in your google account.
  3. Now, on your shipping machine, to use those printers in your google account in Teapplix ActionShip, navigate to Settings => Printers and Scales.
  4. Select "Google Cloud Print", and click on the action link of "Grant Access to Printers".
  5. It should popup a window for you to select the printers you already provisioned in your gmail account (you may need to login to your gmail account first).
  6. Note that you can select different printers for domestic and international, and also for each shipping profile, you can select different printers.
  7. Note, currently some printers have known compatibility issues with Google cloud print. For example, zebra ZP450 has some quality issues.